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RTM SIVER Ready to Mow $179

Change & dispose of engine oil & oil filter.
Check all safety systems
Check transmission fluid if applicable
Grease tractor & mover deck as required
Sharpen mower blades & check balance

RTM GOLD Ready to Mow includes RTM SILVER package $249

Check tire tread & pressure
Clean debris from mower deck
Clean engine cooling fins with compressed air
Inspect air filter(s)
Inspect battery, check voltage output
Inspect belts
Replace fuel filter (included)
Replace spark plugs(s) (included)

SOS Switch over Service $249

Change winter oil to summer 10w30 & filter (included)
Lube deck, check belts(s) & adjust
Remove snow blower unit, install & test mower deck
Remove tire chains & weights if applicable
Test operation of mower